MySpace is passe

March 25, 2008

I think it started with Xanga. That web based diary with a few templates to choose from and a whole lot of surveys.  Then the evolution began, Live Journal, Diaryland, Diary-x, there were so many to choose from that no choice was ever obvious.  Then the royal family rose to power.  MySpace and Facebook began to dominate social networking scene, thus began Web 2.0.

Civilians and celebrities alike were buying in to the craze; posting pictures, information, and blogs galore.  Musical artists were even shunning their Napster-hating roots and posting studio cut versions of their own music to be listened to or posted on others’ MySpace pages making them nearly public domain.

MySpace, in particular, has been the source of multiple scandals.  It has been blamed for murders, abductions, bad press, and prom date stealing abound.  Even with all of this, the popularity of this social networking site has continued to grow.

The problem herein, is that it is only a social networking site.  For professional purposes it is a little lacking.  If you are interested in professional online networking, check out LinkedIn.  With an emphasis on education and credentials, this networking site allows you to showcase, not only how incredibly good looking your friends are, but how good looking your resume is.  Check it out.