GTD – The Collection Phase

For those of your who have not yet read “Getting Things Done” here is a rundown of the collection phase. 

Basically the purpose is to gather all your “stuff” in one place.  The book suggests a physical inbox and that is what I’m using.  Later, you will process all of the items in your inbox in one way or another.

You want to take all of your tasks, projects, ideas, goals, etc… and write them down on individual notes.  I have been using 3×5 note cards for this.  My main collection tool is a Hipster PDA

The run down is you put each idea or item on a note card and toss it into your inbox.  It may be helpful to collect it all on a single list before hand and break it out into individual cards. 

I am taking my time on the collection phase.  I carry the Hipster PDA with me in my back pocket and when I think of something else, I create a card for it.  My struggle is that I know if I just sit down and try to do this in one time span I will miss a lot of what I need to do. 

Other resources suggest using full sheets of 8.5×11 computer paper, but that’s not very “Green” now is it?

What are some of your ideas on the collection phase? 

Any aspiring GTDers have any questions?


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