My name is Sean Bacon.  I am a marketing and public relations professional residing in Dayton, Ohio.  I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with an emphasis in Public Relations from Heidelberg College.

Now that you know my name, what I do, where I am and where I’ve been, I should probably tell you who I am.  I believe in the human race in general.  I believe in the power and beauty of communication and strive to express it in the best ways possible in my every day life.  I believe that science and spirituality should hold hands and walk down the shore of the age of man kind, not be at odds with one another attempting to separate us into factions.  I believe in the principle of equivelant exchange: to gain anything, something of greater or equal value must be lost.  I believe that one man can change the world and I intend to do so every day, because I believe that the state of the world is relevant to the state of each individual therein.

Welcome to my little place in a big world, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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