Weekend Assignment – Network Everywhere

April 18, 2008

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have an uncomfortable assignment for everyone this weekend.  Unless you are a hermit, over the course of the next two days, you’re probably going to do something. 

I am encouraging you, over the course of the weekend, to pick one place that you go and make a connection with someone there.  I’m not talking about chatting up the cute bartender at the local beer joint…

You know that super friendly old guy that gets behind you in line at the grocery store every once in a while?  Be super friendly back.  Introduce yourself and give him your card.  You never know who could be in need of your professional services.

A Great Opportunity

If you live in Dayton, OH (which I would imagine a majority of my readership does) don’t forget that there is a Dragon’s game tonight.  The line at the concession stand is a fantastic place to turn around and say hello to someone new!


If you have a great accomplishment through this assignment (or even a great failure) post it here!  We learn through experience, but sometimes it is easiest to learn through the experience of others!